Finding Spotify URL

Below are the steps to guide you through obtaining your Spotify Artist URL:

Using the Spotify App (Desktop/Mobile):

  1. Open Spotify and navigate to your artist page. This can be done by searching for your artist name and clicking on the correct result.

  2. Once on your artist page, you'll see three dots option, right next to "Follow". Click on these dots.

  3. A dropdown or pop-up menu will appear. Look for the 'Share' option.

  4. Under the 'Share' menu, select 'Copy Link to Artist.'

  5. Your Spotify Artist URL is now copied to your clipboard.

Using a Web Browser:

  1. Visit the Spotify web player at

  2. Search for your artist name in the search bar.

  3. Click on your artist name from the search results to navigate to your artist page.

  4. Once on your artist page, simply copy the URL from your browser's address bar.

Note: The copied Spotify Artist URL should look something like this: