Managing Multiple Venues

If you work for or own a hospitality chain, are part of a venue group, or simply have more than one room that you’re responsible for, this feature will allow you to see all shows and interact with all features for each venue independently.

Certain users may be given access to multiple venues on one single GigFinesse account. While logging in, you may be directed to select the venue you’re attempting to manage. Click on the name of the venue, highlighted in orange. From here, everything will function as normal.

To switch from venue to venue click on “My Venues” on the top right hand side of the nav bar. You’ll be brought back to the initial list of venues. Just click into the one you’d like to switch to!

If you’re unsure of which venue you’re currently managing, you can reference the top left hand corner of the nav bar. The venue you’re currently managing will be displayed as “For: Venue Name"

If you believe you should have access to a venue that you currently don’t, please contact your admin. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at