Requesting Programming

Users with the appropriate permissions on GigFinesse have the ability to request additional programming. For more on how permissions are set and managed, please click here.

Navigate to “Request Show” on your navbar. Clicking this link will open up a form to fill out regarding your desired programming. If you're already logged in to your GigFinesse account, you can click here to access the form directly.

In this form you’ll be able to let our team know:

  • the desired date of your event

  • whether or not you’d like this programming to be one-time or a continuous addition to your package

  • the theme / event / reason for the additional event (e.g. activating for a specific holiday, a private event, etc.)

  • the type of performer(s) you’d like to book (e.g. a singer-songwriter, a wedding band, a jazz trio)

  • your talent budget

Upon filling this out, our team will be back to you within one business day with options if possible and clarifications if necessary. Below is a sample of a filled out programming request form:

If you’d like to go over your programming in more detail or have specific questions about your package, please reach out to

For any questions about your venue account, please reach out to