Introduction to GigFinesse

GigFinesse is a platform that helps artists and live performers to seamlessly connect with venues. Based on your location, your performance history, and the information in your artist profile, the GigFinesse team will work with you to find opportunities to perform and put on shows at our partnered venues.

Application Process

The application process is what allows the GigFinesse team to get to know you.

The info you submit in your application makes up your profile - information that we’ll use when creating ticket links and promoting shows. You can edit your profile at any time, changing everything from your band name to updating your socials and streaming. To see how to edit your profile, please give our platform walkthrough a read.

Please note here that we don’t accept every application - we’ll only accept applications for artists who we have opportunities for. If your application is rejected please do not take it as a judgement against you or your music, but as a reflection of our current ability to book you. Artists who have been rejected are urged to re-apply.

Gig Recommendations

Most flat-rate opportunities on GigFinesse will come in the form of “gig recommendations.” These are shows that the team thinks match you, your setup, and your style, your genre, in short: gigs that you’ll succeed at. Recommendations will be sent directly to the phone / email you provided during signup, and will also be viewable on your homepage. Each recommendation will display the exact dollar sum, the timing, and the venue on offer.

These gig recommendations are personalized and 1-to-1, meaning that there’s no rush to decide whether or not you can play.

More information

For more on the platform, how it works, and where to find everything, see our Platform Walkthrough.

For information on how we process payout, see our Stripe walkthrough here.
For information on how we handle taxes and tax forms, please click here.